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  • The first visit will be to become familiar with your plans for birth and postpartum, and to gather information relevant to the care of your child(ren).(1 hour)
  • The second visit will be a two-hour “date night” for you and your partner so that your child may become more comfortable with the sibling doula in order to minimize any anxiety on the day of your birth. 
  • I will provide 24/7 on-call availability to care for your older child(ren) during your labor and birth.
  • I will come to your home or wherever your older child may be, and provide full care for the child during your labor, including preparing meals, providing educational activities, and maintaining a safe and fun environment for your child. Since I will be with your child during your labor and birth, I am able to answer with great care and thoughtfulness any questions that may arise about the birth while you are gone.
  • I may also perform basic household tasks whenever possible, including loading the dishwasher, preparation of meals and general tidying up of your home.
  • I will stay for an hour after your birth and come for one post partum visit 

Cost: $150 to save the date and 2 prenatal meetings 

$30 an hour for per hour during labor