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Comfort Bags for Women Suffering Miscarriage

Comfort Bags for Women Suffering Miscarriage

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My sense of ANY women's needs on this day is that she does not want to feel alone. She doesn't want to feel like a statistic, she is fearful of pain (physically and mentally).
Before my surgery I must have read 100s of accounts of D&E(C)s to see what it was like. 
One thing stood out, no matter how far along, no matter what the reason for the loss, the Mothers were all very broken hearted.
My goal is to bring a small light into their world that day. I am a Doula and had asked around what to bring the day of my D&C to make it easier. Please let me explain each element and why I chose it.
Coconut Water- You cant drink for 12 hours before, my tongue was sore and swollen. This is extra hydrating and the simplest form of love is giving someone a drink 
Chapstick (Organic)-Lips get chapped in a hospitals dry air and all women are happy to have this
Organic Pad-These are softer, bigger and what a women really uses. The hospital ones are scratchy and not comfortable
Affirmation Cards-These are hand lettered and pretty.They say "You are not alone" "This too shall pass" "Its Ok to feel how you feel" "You are loved"- these cards give women strength, let them feel love and that their loss Matters. Its a memorial they can take home on the day they lose their child.
Lavender Essential Oil-To rub on their temples, breath in, change their focus to a moment of peace
Each bag costs around $5 to create and all proceeds go to giving them to mothers or women in need. Please email me with any questions.