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How to Support a Mom After C-Section Birth

I have found that a mother does not need to hear these words after a surgical birth "at least the baby and you are safe" "it could have been much worse" "well I had *this, this, this* happen". 

A good friend had recently planned a Birth Center birth, without any intention of a c-section. But due to an arrest to decent, the baby would not come out. This was after 12 hours of pushing and a 2 hour 2-10 dilation. This mother did a lot. And did not get the outcome she wanted. And her mental health and emotions are VERY valid and should be valued. 

I want us to stop trying to say all the right words and instead simply support.

What does this look like? Here are a few examples:

Go to the hospital and sit with the mom hold her hand and let HER talk

Bring a care package for mom:

  • organic pads
  • chapstick
  • face wipes
  • a facial mask ( so many at Target now)
  • a soft wrap or shawl
  • lavender oil
  • affirmation cards 
  • a candle for the room
  • chocolate

Send a dinner to the room at the hospital

Bring her frozen foods after she is home 

Order her postmates after she is home

Offer to watch her other children for a night 

Buy her a beautiful new journal for processing her thoughts


Here is a great Blog Posts to read for more insight as a mama and a support:


I would love to hear how you supported a mother or how you would have like to be supported. Please comment on my Instagram posts here .