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Client Testimonies

"Amanda was such a pleasure to have during my pregnancy!  I was interested in having a natural birth and using alternative methods throughout my journey.  She was well informed regarding all the different options available to me.  Amanda listened to my concerns and desires and provided me with exactly what I needed.  She accompanied me to various birthing centers and hospital locations in order for me to choose what was right for my birth.  I always felt taken care of and in good hands with her expertise by my side!  I was also so happy to receive informational emails from Amanda throughout my pregnancy pertaining to my specific needs.  All in all, I am so happy I decided to work with Amanda and have her as my Doula!"
Holly C. Cueto

"Amanda was a god send. She was so knowledgeable, comforting and supportive - like a cheerleader, and really helped guide my husband in supporting me. She was a key player to have along during the pregnancy and through the labor. She was always available when I had questions, and showed up quickly when I went into labor on thanksgiving night. She’s dedicated, judgment free, strong, caring and sympathetic. Just the kind of woman you’d want by your side for the most special time of your life. I’m blessed I was able to have her with me. "
Haven King 
"As a first time mother I had no idea what to expect in pregnancy and birth. But from the very first time I sat down with Amanda I walked away more confident, less scared, and totally empowered. She was always a text away when I had a question and seemed to check in on my at just the right time, every time. My husband and I felt prepared for the unexpected and were able to utilize techniques and tools we learned from Amanda even though my birth experience DID take a few of those unexpected turns. Not a week went by in my pregnancy that we didn’t look at each other and say, “Thank God for Amanda".
Brittany Chatburn

"I am so grateful to have had Amanda by my side at the birth of my first baby. She was incredibly supportive and attentive throughout the whole process, especially during the most challenging parts of delivery. We were able to experience an unmedicated birth, and while that was always our hope— I don’t know if it could’ve happened without Amanda's invaluable support and presence in the room."
Sophie Shalenberg

"Having Amanda by my side during my daughter’s birth, helped give me confidence to follow my body’s lead and to trust the birth process. My husband was even able to nap comfortably, because he knew Amanda was there. It was like having an old friend by my side, keeping things calm, making sure everything was ok, working with us to welcome our baby girl into the world as gently as possible. Amanda was almost as excited as we were to meet our daughter; she is truly passionate about being a doula, which makes her amazing!"
Karyn Kohl

“Amanda is AMAZING!! She was our prenatal doula and she was incredibly helpful!! She's full of so much knowledge and was supportive in both my beliefs of natural birth and possibly using pain management options. She's super sweet and professional and offered so much advice to my husband and I. If your looking for an open minded, helpful and positive doula she's your girl!!”

Marissa Stewart

"Amanda is amazing!  I don't know how I would have gotten through my 48ish hour labor without her (and my hubs)! She made our room in the hospital feel cozy, smell good, and made sure we were fed and hydrated the whole time. Amanda went above and beyond for me and my family and we couldn't be more thankful! There was so much peace going into my daughter's birth due to all the support Amanda provided. She also took some of the greatest photos for us throughout the whole time. If you're looking for a doula, Amanda is definitely your gal!"

Aarika Betz 


"From our first phone conversation, I knew that Amanda would be essential for the remainder of my pregnancy, labor, and post postpartum.
During pregnancy, I could text or call her whenever about whatever and could expect an immediate response. Our prenatal sessions were loaded with useful information ranging from laboring positions to breastfeeding positions and were always fun to boot!
During labor, Amanda came to our hospital room and saved the day. My husband had been my support system for 24 hours at that point and was so relieved to have a break. I was rejuvenated to have amanda's positive and knowledgeable presence in the room with us. When it came to following or deviating from my birth plan, Amanda was equally supportive and in the end we all had a great birth experience and left with a beautiful and healthy baby boy.
Postpartum, she dropped off necessary items for the postpartum mom that i could not have lived without! Lastly, our postpartum followup was just what i needed at the time: a friendly and experienced ear to talk to  for a strung out and exhausted mom of a 2 week old.
Amanda is the best, my husband and I highly recommend her doula services. You will not be disappointed!"

Meeghan M.


Amanda was an amazing asset in planning my birth. She was so helpful along my whole pregnancy and helped with anything I needed, from giving me great advice to helping me change doctors late in my pregnancy. During my birth at the hospital she was supportive and amazing. I had a fantastic, peaceful, and calm birth to my son.”

Samii Ryan


“I worked with Amanda as my virtual doula to prepare for my second sons birth in 2021. She equipped me with such thorough knowledge and tools to better prepare for birth on an emotional/physical level. We started working together in January and that Spring I felt so inspired to work on my rest, reading, body work and preparing for birth in a much more thoughtful way than with my first. All the prep and content from our meetings really helped me when it was time to give birth. I ultimately decided I really wanted in person support and when Amanda wasn't available so last minute when I decided this she referred me to another wonderful doula who was able to swoop in and help with my actual delivery. Grateful for her guidance and for equipping me with an option to see the final thing through!”

Ashton W.



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