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Why a Doula

A DOULA is a “mother’s helper”. Also known as a Birth Companion, their role is to support the birthing mother.

Here are a few broken down points to what a doula does:
  • Recognizes birth as a key experience the mother will remember all her life
  • Understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor
  • Assists the woman in preparing for and carrying out her plans for birth
  • Stays with the woman throughout the labor
  • Provides emotional support, physical comfort measures and an objective viewpoint, as well as helping the woman get the information she needs to make informed decisions
  • Facilitates communication between the laboring woman, her partner and her clinical care providers
  • Perceives her role as nurturing and protecting the woman's memory of the birth experience
  • Allows the woman's partner to participate at his/her comfort level

Numerous studies have shown how positively Birth Companions influence birth. Women with a doula at her side will most likely experience shorter labors with fewer complications, increased positive feelings about the childbirth experience, less need for labor-inducing drugs, less medical interventions such as vacuum extraction and cesareans, as well as a increased pain tolerance.