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Are you an aspiring doula? Need someone to talk to about doula life or starting your business? Need some expert chat on Social Media?

I have been a doula for over 5 years. I have been to hospital and birth center births. I have started my website and social media with success. I have had 2 babies unmedicated and 5 miscarriages.

If you follow me at @theladoula, you know how passionate I am about birth!

I can help you with all aspects of your doula journey. From classes to take to what platform to use for your website. We can talk about pre-natals and how to best service your clients or what filter to use on your photos!


**A 1 hour block to chat and talk about all things doula and your goals

**An opportunity to shadow digital doula prenatal (The prenatals may be recorded so you can watch back)

**The New Doula Handbook- which offers tons of tips and tricks in a handy Pdf you can save to your phone. There are links to many resources that easily click through!

**Access to The LA Doula slack for future questions and community for 1 year 

(Once Covid is over and Doulas are safely back, I will attend births in person again! )

 Call times are in PST. Please make note when booking.

After you purchase your hour- email me and we will figure out the best time!